Michael C, Director in Financial Services. London UK

Handan is a hugely enthusiastic and knowledgeable coach who draws on years of industry experience to bring to life frameworks for navigating real-world challenges. We covered a wide array of topics starting with a my authentic self and moving onto my world view and future career planning. In addition she shared valuable techniques on managing conflict, adapting communication style, situational leadership and compassionate communication. By the end of our journey together (for now!), I was far more connected with what I bring to my job (and what it brings to me). In addition I was well equipped to plan and execute my career progression to the next level.

CJ Billias, Manager, Talent Acquisition at Moneris. Location: Montreal, Canada

My BetterUp journey with Handan was life changing, both on the professional and personal fronts. As a fairly new People Leader at my organization, Handan has helped me communicate effectively, translate concepts into perspective and find my purpose in life and leveraging it in my career amongst other critical concepts.


Working with Handan has been a pleasure. Her Wisdom and coaching is outstanding.

As a coach she really gets to know you and advice you in a personalized meaningful way. She brings sense of clarity and help you with your vision and achieving your personal and professional goals.


Jamal, Baku, Azerbaijan

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the exceptional leadership training program you provided. Your expertise, passion, and dedication to helping me grow as leader was truly inspiring.

The training content was incredibly insightful, providing practical strategies and tools that have already made a positive impact on my leadership approach. Your ability to convey complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner ensured that every session was valuable and thought-provoking.

What truly sets this training apart is your personalized approach. Your genuine interest in my development, coupled with your insightful feedback and guidance, created a supportive learning environment where I felt empowered to challenge myself and strive for excellence.

Your expertise and experience as a trainer were evident in every interaction, and I have no doubt that the skills and knowledge gained from this training will continue to benefit me personally and professionally.

Thank you once again for your outstanding contribution to my growth as leader.

Gulnar from Baku

I recently had the privilege of engaging in coaching sessions with Handan. Over the course of six months, Handan provided invaluable guidance and support that greatly impacted both my personal and professional life.

Our sessions covered a wide range of topics, including analyzing my values, strengths, and weaknesses, setting goals, and navigating personal relationships. Handan’s insights and advice were incredibly insightful and helped me gain clarity and direction in areas where I previously felt uncertain.

One particular aspect of Handan’s coaching that stood out to me was her recommendation regarding books. Thanks to her suggestion, I discovered a new author whose work resonated deeply with me and enhanced my understanding of psychology in a way I hadn’t experienced before.

I’m delighted to share that, inspired by Handan’s guidance, I recently pursued a new career opportunity and successfully secured a new role. Her encouragement and support gave me the confidence to pursue my aspirations and align my career with my values.

Overall, I am extremely grateful for Handan’s coaching and the positive impact it has had on my life. Her expertise, empathy, and genuine commitment to my growth were evident in every session, and I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

Thank you, Handan, for your invaluable support and guidance.

Gunnar Tryggvason, Iceland

Throughout the past year, I’ve had the delightful experience of being under Handan’s guidance as my coach. It has truly been a remarkable journey. Handan has poured her heart, soul, and extensive expertise into aiding me in achieving my objectives. What struck me most was the breadth of her knowledge and the depth of her experience. Regardless of the topic at hand, Handan consistently brought forth insights and strategies honed through her mastery of various methods. I found particular value in her Non-violent Communications training, which proved invaluable in navigating several challenging workplace conversations. Yet, beyond her exceptional skills, what truly sets Handan apart is her genuine care. Together, we’ve cultivated a profound and enduring connection that has enriched both my personal and professional growth.

Levan Shavkatsishvili Galt and Taggart, CEO, Georgia

It’s been extremely helpful and interesting to practice coaching with Handan. Her advice is always useful and easy to apply in real life.

Etali Genesis Akwaji, ECPAT Cameroon, Founder & CEO SUSTAIN, Cameroon

Coach Handan was my favorite and of course my personal life coach. She was my 360⁰ guide. I couldn’t skip any coaching session with her. I was eager and anxiously looking forward to hearing from her whenever a session was due. She is a very simple and easy going person that sets the pace, trickles your tenets, your curiosity, your thought pattern and guides you to self discovery and self confidence helping you make informed decisions on the learning process. She often creates an atmosphere of friendliness and allows you to identify for yourself what actions or decisions to make that can advance your overall career path.

Handan is able to detect your atmosphere of operation. She is an embodiment of resources and creates learning tools that are adapted to specific needs, situations and contexts. Her coaching skills and styles are stress-free and easy-to-use. I developed so much interest in the coaching process.

Handan goes above and beyond herself to find solutions and answers to your questions.

Today, because of Handan I have been exposed to so many people in the line of my career. And before I forget, did you also know that I chose Handan as a coach because my career dreams coincided so much with hers and it was just like living my dreams through her. Probably this may have been the reason I found the sessions so interesting.


İbrahim Balami, Camaroon

Let me spice up your day with my first success story. During my cooaching session, i had a tsrget of working at the regional office and you said 3yrs target was too long i shud reduce it. Following my completion of the coaching session with you, I competed in a HQ and not regional role, a temporary transfer on assignment to support our Team of Directors at Headquarter in New york. Now this is way too high for me but I took this bold step and agreeing to that can do Spirit you instilled in me. Although it reads TTA, Sm1 told me it’s a probation and soon I will be confirmedas a HQ staff. Handan you do not know what does our Friday sessions and assignment had done to me. I face the future with optimism and confidence, and there is nothing that I have put my hands to do that did not gield positive results. I am sure this is just the start, greater testimonies are on the way and trust me, I will always share this success and credit with you.

Doaa Ally, Procurement Advisor, Egypt

Handan is an incredible coach, her advices and insights have been instrumental in my personal and career growth. I am deeply grateful for the time and effort she  has invested in helping me out through different and difficult situations.

I am truly fortunate to have her as my coach ,She helped me navigate through challenging times and come out wiser and stronger.

I am immensely thankful for her guidance and the positive impact she had on my career any my personal life.

Handan, I would like to thank you for being such an inspiring and dedicated coach, You are a genuine person who speaks from the heart and I really appreciate all the lessons and advices you shared with me.

Thank you for your encouragement, support and guidance this has been a pivotal part of my professional journey.

Rahmah, Marketing Director, Dubai, UAE

Having Handan as a coach was eye opening. Initially what started off as a leadership coaching session turned into a life coaching journey of exploration. I learned more deeply about my values and how they are linked to all my choices in life. I became mindful and conscious of my choices, my boundaries and most importantly what I want out of my life. How I want to live and how I want to be.  She also helped me become a more mindful leader. I will always cherish the learning journey I had with Handan and hands down recommend her to anyone!

Alicia Jack, Atlanta, GA

Working with Handan has been truly transformative for me. Her ability to provide perspective and understanding is unparalleled. Through our sessions, we delved into three key areas, each unveiling new insights and lessons. I now carry with me invaluable wisdom on perspective, acceptance, femininity, and boundaries, integrating them seamlessly into my daily life, both personally and professionally. Handan’s coaching has been a game changer for me, and I’m grateful for the positive impact it continues to have.

Her guidance sparked a newfound enthusiasm within me, to the extent that after each session, I couldn’t wait to share the pearls of wisdom I’d acquired with everyone around me. Handan’s approach not only empowered me to navigate life’s challenges with grace but also instilled in me a deep sense of self-assurance and confidence. I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching to anyone seeking profound personal and professional growth.

Gbenga OLUYEMI, Chevron Nigeria

Handan is a great coach! I enjoyed her deep depth on various topics.

I recall her Word View, positive mindset, based on needs, faith etc. Her three world views which were survival, identity, resources limited and unity based world view.I recalled her:

  1. Peaceful Communication
  2. ⁠Life full of empathy. Trusting environment & Collaborates
  3. ⁠Visibility – motivational skills. Living by example and keeping promises.

I truly appreciate her Value Exercise:

  1. Knowing my values help prioritize what matters
  2. ⁠It helps make right decisions
  3. ⁠Values are beliefs about what’s important set of guidelines
  4. ⁠Guidelines to decide action to take
  5. ⁠Values enhance leadership
  6. ⁠Values keep us focused.

I recall are 11 ways to achieve greater self awareness:

  1. Emotional Regulation
  2. ⁠Encouraging Ownership
  3. ⁠Self awareness- stress, emotions, beliefs
  4. ⁠Self compassion
  5. ⁠Cognitive compassion
  6. ⁠Cognitive Agility
  7. ⁠Mindfulness increase self awareness
  8. ⁠Becoming a good listener increase self awareness
  9. ⁠Becoming more self aware can be enlightening
  10. ⁠Feedback from others help us be more self aware.

She made me identify things I like:

  1. Helping people
  2. ⁠Learning new things
  3. ⁠Promotion
  4. ⁠Leading a team to success
  5. ⁠Completing difficult projects
  6. ⁠Having time to rest.

She navigated me to identify what drains my energy:

  1. Conflict
  2. ⁠Stress
  3. ⁠Inability to exercise
  4. ⁠Noise
  5. ⁠Fear/Anger
  6. ⁠Illness
  7. ⁠Waiting too long between meals

Overall, Handan is a great coach and she’s very passionate about what she does.

She extremely enjoys her coaching experience. She’s very kind and she’s always willing to coach more and more.

She goes in-depth in all she does. She has a way of ensuring that you understand the key issues in the topics being discussed.

She’s very time conscious despite her some jokes to keep me awake. I appreciate all your support as my coach. I truly enjoyed your teaching style. Thank you!

Narjis, UAE

Handan is the most pragmatic coach I have ever come across. She is like a Swiss pocket knife of useful tools to help deal with life’s challenges. She taught me a unique way of understanding my woman sub identities and how to interact better with others, how to integrate yoga into my daily mindful practice, bedtime meditative exercises and helped me organize my year with her resolutions organizer. I also learned more about what my values are and how to love by them. A happier and healthier Narjis emerged, ready to take on life! Thank you Handan for all you did for me.

AEZ – Baker Hughes

Working with Handan has been transformative for my leadership development. Her rich, tailored approach has precisely addressed my unique needs, significantly enhancing my executive skills and boosting my professional confidence. Handan’s deep insights and personalized guidance are truly invaluable. Thank you for empowering my career growth!

Tobi Adeniyi, Supply Chain Executive, Nigeria

My coaching experience with Handan was an eye-opening journey of self-discovery and personal growth in both my career and personal life.

She helped me view situations from alternative vantage points that create a much broader perspective. She empathetically encouraged me to also be more self-aware, and this empowered me to further unlock my potential in a new dimension. I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching experience and would certainly recommend her work for leaders who are seeking support in their personal and career journey.

Karen B, Chief of Staff, USA

Working with Handan has been transformational. She not only gave me tools for current scenarios but also taught me how to value and shape my path for the future. She gave me tangible career advice and solutions for continued success.

Christoph Gulden, Germany

I had the privilege of working with Handan, and I can confidently say she’s a remarkable coach. From our very first session, Handan’s passion for coaching and her extensive international experience across diverse industries shone through.

I approached Handan seeking clarity and purpose in my professional life. Despite the broad range of coaching methods she offers, what truly stood out was her ability to adapt and ‘go with the flow’. This flexibility made our sessions incredibly effective and tailored to my needs.

Handan quickly established a sense of trust, reassuring me that I wasn’t alone in my journey. Her approach was grounded yet optimistic, providing me with the perfect balance of support and challenge. Through insightful reflections and thought-provoking discussions, Handan empowered me to gain the clarity I sought.

What sets Handan apart is her unwavering optimism, coupled with a deep understanding of human nature. She helped me navigate through uncertainties and facilitated a pivotal transformation in my professional life, even when my goals weren’t crystal clear.

If you’re looking for a coach who can guide you through transformative change, even if you’re still exploring your goals, Handan is the perfect choice. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking meaningful growth and direction in their career.

Divya Bhagyanath,Director Content Operations, Gracenote, India

I am Divya, I have 20+years of experience working in Operations and managing large teams. I have been seeing Handan for coaching sessions for a couple of months now. I had never worked with a coach before, but working with Handan has been great. She made me feel very comfortable and put me at ease. She is kind, friendly, non judgemental and empathetic. Her style of coaching has forced me to look internally and focus on the whole you. We have worked on both my professional and personal relationships and she has introduced me to numerous tools which will help me in this journey. I am excited to continue this journey with her to become the best version of myself.

Nick F,  Director at a Global Technology Company

Sessions with Handan are inspiring and very motivational. She has an enviable ability to help you look at your opportunities and challenges in new ways, always inspired by helping you seize the moment. Handan brings joy and curiosity and you leave each session with concrete ways to move forward.

Meltem Seyhan, Engineering Director, Delivery Hero Tech Hub

I was first introduced to Handan Öztürk through my company’s “Women in Leadership” program, which provided the opportunity to receive coaching from her. Initially assigned for a four-month duration, my engagement with Handan was so impactful that I chose to extend our sessions for an additional two months. I consider myself fortunate to have selected her from the list of professionals recommended. Handan has truly added value to my life, evoking a profound sense of gratitude whenever I reflect on our encounter.

Handan supported me extensively, both at a general level and with highly specific advice tailored to my immediate needs. Prior to some of our sessions, she would prepare by researching and sharing rich, insightful materials with me. She introduced me to transformative concepts such as SMART goals and nonviolent communication, which broadened my perspective significantly and aided in my self-discovery.

She supported me with the same professional dedication in aspects of both my professional and personal life, which are intrinsically interconnected.

Even after the conclusion of our formal sessions, we have remained in touch, and I consider her a valued friend. Handan’s guidance has been a cornerstone in my development, and I am deeply appreciative of our continuing connection.

Marina, Croatia

When I embarked on this journey of self-discovery, I didn’t expect it would feel so comfortable and produce so many “a-ha!” moments. Handan was a fantastic guide with an even more fantastic energy.

She provided valuable insights, as well as practical tools and excercises which continue to contribute to improving the quality of all aspects of my life.


Colleen, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, American Express, USA

I am immensely grateful for the enlightening journey I have experienced under Handan’s guidance as my career coach. Handan’s positivity, support, and insightful guidance have uplifted me during difficult times and helped me stay true to my values as I explored different career opportunities. Handan is a beacon of light and will help guide you to achieve your goals through positive reinforcement and encouragement.


Sami Abdul-Samad, Data Engineering Lead, Bayer Crop Science, Chesterfield, Missouri, USA

Truly, and in summary, my experience with having Handan as my coach, was a phenomenal and eye-opening experience. Throughout our journey together, and through Handan’s guidance, we navigated the elements of compassionate communication. We used many different tools that enable assessing someone’s true needs and values. This has changed my professional perspective in many ways. Understanding one’s values, goals, and needs, truly drives further harmonization and alignment. It was an excellent experience and Handan is an amazing coach, mentor, person, and most importantly, friend, as we navigate the world and our professional careers.

Ljubica from Serbia

Working with Handan has been an incredibly transformative journey for me, both personally and professionally. I learned so much about myself. We worked on my professional and personal challenges, and what’s most important we successfully faced them. She has an amazing approach which combines her extraordinary personality and sensibility, and immense professional knowledge. Diverse techniques and exercises she uses are uniquely tailored to fit the individual she is working with. Our sessions just go with a flow, feeling more like a casual conversation with a trusted friend than a formal coaching session. Yet, within this relaxed atmosphere, Handan adeptly guides our discussions through various topics, issues, and challenges, uncovering solutions with remarkable spontaneity and without any hint of pressure. Her skill in posing powerful questions and avoiding typical approaches consistently leaves me feeling energised and motivated to continue my journey of self-improvement. Her combination of expertise, authenticity, and intuitive guidance has been invaluable to my development, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking meaningful and lasting change. Handan is a true treasure!

Izabela Nicu, Presentation Manager, Warner Brothers Disney

Working with Handan has been a great blessing in helping me navigate my work challenges. Handan created a clear agreement about our coaching relationship and our goals and at the same time she created a safe space that allowed me to share freely. We worked through how to get my confidence back, how to navigate layoffs, how to handle feeling overworked as well as how to deal with difficult colleagues. She was always fully present and engaged in our coaching sessions and her empathy really allowed for great communication and collaboration. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to work with Handan and can fully recommend her coaching skills.

Sanduni Gamage, Product Manager, Germany

Working with Handan has been an extraordinary journey of transformation. Over the course of few months, she seamlessly transitioned from being a mentor to becoming a trusted friend who posses an exceptional ability to connect deeply and heart to heart. Handan has helped me align my values, practices, and thoughts with her own which was rare and invaluable connection that I am immensely grateful for.

Under her guidance, I’ve experienced remarkable personal and professional growth. Initially seeking to improve my communication skills, I soon realized that she offered so much more. Before our work together, I lacked confidence in my ability to communicate effectively. Now, I approach conversations with newfound ease and assurance, thanks to Handan’s expertise and unwavering support.

Moreover, she has been instrumental in helping me overcome professional barriers in the workplace. Her guidance and insights have provided me with the tools and confidence to navigate challenges and seize opportunities for advancement.

Yet, her influence extends far beyond communication. She has broadened my perspective on life, imparting invaluable lessons that have fundamentally reshaped my outlook and became lessons for life. Her mentorship has been truly life-changing. I am deeply grateful for Handan’s unwavering support and guidance, which have empowered me to become the best version of myself.

Ann-Sofie C., Former Director at Delivery Hero, UAE

Handan has helped me sail through a couple of difficult moments in the past year and a half. She truly made me feel that I can reach out anytime and she’d always give me a few minutes of her time even if we couldn’t schedule a session in advance. This really lowered the hurdle for me to reach out in times I needed it the most. She’s always in high spirits, giving all she has and knows, to help me navigate the challenge I’m facing. I consider her a mentor, an inspiration  and a friend!


As I’ve entered and navigated through the executive role, Handan has been by my side coaching me. There’s the great career coaching that comes to mind, Handan shines at those, like: supporting conflict resolution, improving work articles to present to c-suite, compassionate communication and SMART dialogue. The aspects that truly wowed me was her approach. In the case of developing leadership style, we’ve gone through multiple levels of understanding leadership styles that include how to lead as a woman – this created a better balance and much enthusiasm to create the right leadership style that suited my role and myself. While working with Handan, I always felt accepted, I felt heard, I felt understood, and mostly, with ease and poise – she adapted to my style. We’re able to have open dialogue to work through the coaching – it truly sparks curiosity.  She is not only a career coach, she’s also a life coach. I loved my time with her and will continue to work with Handan.

S.G., Unilever

It was a great coaching journey with Handan! From all the sessions, I had great learnings and it was fun as well. She is a very experienced coach and can guide you through different aspects of both business and personal life with great examples. She provides to look things from different perspectives which helps to think creatively to find your way. Thanks to Handan for great coaching sessions, which cleared up my mind!

Achmat,  South Africa

As someone who was initially skeptical about the impact and benefits of this type of coaching. I can wholeheartedly say that my interactions with Handan as a coach have completely changed my perspective on the value of a good coach in your life. Our sessions were always thought-provoking and impacful. The tools and lessons learned will forever be part of my life going forward.


Smita Srivastava, LA, USA

Thanks to Handan who has given me great insight into my core values and priorities through her coaching. Her style is very personable and enabled me to identify some bright spots and opportunity areas in a very creative and gamified fashion. Appreciate her great coaching support!


Balkenzhe Bolyssova, Contract execution supervisor, Supply Chain Management

Chevron affiliate- Tengizchevroil

I had a great opportunity to meet Handan and go through the personal and leadership development. Handan has an outstanding experience in communication, decision making, authentic leadership, career development, well being, stress management and coaching. I have found all our engagements to be most beneficial for myself both on a work front and on my personal life. All meetings were rewarding & effective. I really look forward to them, as I made a significant progress. Very much appreciate all the work Handan did for me! I absolutely adore and recommend Handan!

Miklos Demeter

Handan led me to many important thoughts, often the things we believe are obvious are not so obvious especially if we are able to interpret them from other people’s points of view. In order to understand this, we must first be clear with ourselves and our values, so that our emotions do not limit our thinking. Through self-reflection we can be more goal oriented and impactful. Handan helped me to become a more authentic leader.

Razvan Bors, Senior Marketing Lead at Just Eat Takeaway

I had the pleasure of working with Handan for four transformative months. During this time, I was navigating significant changes both personally and professionally. Handan’s structured yet flexible approach allowed us to delve into my needs and values, guiding me towards alignment with them. From cultivating small habits to boost my daily energy levels to assisting me in identifying suitable job opportunities and aiding in the application process, Handan provided invaluable resources and advice tailored to my goals. What stood out was the program’s adaptability to accommodate ad hoc requests while ensuring every session was meaningful. As a result of Handan’s guidance, I not only expanded my worldview but also found renewed energy and motivation in my daily pursuits.

Monica Popuri, Technology and Leadership, Sr. Manager, Dell Technologies, Bangalore . India

Handan is exceptional as an executive coach, and has amazing skills to make any body successful. In few months of her coaching I have benefited a lot. She is a life changer, and does not quit even when someone is very challenging like me. I recommend Handan for coaching to become successful and achieve best in life.


Sinead Twomey, Director, Gaming Industry

I started my coaching focusing on executive leadership and ended my coaching realizing that my work life balance was key to my success as a leader. I am forever thankful to Handan for giving me this perspective, and so are my team !

Alexandra Klimenko, CEO of Soft Skills Lab

As a business owner navigating stressful times both at work and in my daily life, I was under immense pressure. I struggled to perform effectively in my projects. I was also dissatisfied with my overall quality of life

Working with Handan over several months has had a huge impact on both my career and personal life. Through her guidance, I was able to restructure my routines, achieve a healthier work-life balance, reduce my anxiety levels, and address personal inefficiencies.

Today, I’ve expanded my team, as I can now manage multiple projects with improved outcomes. Moreover, I find myself considerably happier, with clearer life and work goals. Handan, I am sincerely grateful for your support and guidance!


Ayşe Ölmez, Pfizer

In my coaching journey starting with Handan, the learnings I acquired became a significant guide for the rest of my life. Handan’s energetic, positive attitude made me eagerly anticipate each session. She’s such a good listener that she effortlessly helps uncover the root cause of what you want to address or improve, and then guides you to exactly where you want to be without any pressure. Through her examples and exercises, you progressively reach your goals. Handan became like an inner voice for me. Thanks to that voice, I started to notice and change my mistakes more quickly. Through this journey, I saw that everything deemed impossible can actually be achieved. I learned the importance, necessity, and feasibility of valuing oneself and that you can reach your desired goals by living life the way you want, not the way others want it. The coaching process with Handan was an experience I would want to continue throughout my life if possible. And even after this process is completed, she will undoubtedly continue to be a valuable friend in my life.

Sholpan, Kazakhstan

You will get much more than you expect from your journey with Handan.  Not only will you  get full informational support that will allow you to grow professionally, but also you will be able to discover your strengths you were probably not aware of.  I highly recommend Handan as a coach.

Anda Vârlan, Services Manager, Romania

Conversations with Handan are always insightful. I’m happy I got the chance to meet her, as she quickly started to have an impact on my way of looking into certain aspects of life. Her inputs and questions are very specific and because she is so observant, you immediately feel the coaching is tailored on your needs and focused on your strengths. What I like most about our sessions is the way she finds the right pace, keeping the focus on our topic with her active listening. Handan brings out the best from our conversations, with actionable takeaways which I can immediately think upon or start to put into practice. All of these are very fluid, they happen in a seamless way, which I think speaks a lot about her genuine coaching style.

Jason Carroll, Facility Engineering – Operations Support Team Supervisor, Chevon – Malongo, Angola

Coach Handan is a very experienced and knowledgeable leadership / life coach who was able to help me grow professionally and personally in a number of ways.  She employed a structured and well thought out coaching program to guide me in pinpointing my core values, prioritizing them and then setting focused goals to align my professional and personal life with my core values.  She helped me understand my strengths and mentored me in learning new techniques to overcome weaknesses or insecurities.  She helped me better understand myself and find more confidence in my leadership.  Her approach is personal, individual and flexible in that she seeks constantly to understand and address each person’s key needs in the moment.  One of the things that I love about coach Handan’s style is that she develops a personal relationship with you and connects on a personal level at the beginning of each coaching session.  This helps break down barriers and invites vulnerability, opening up opportunities for deep self reflection and growth.  Coach Handan’s range of coaching expertise is wide and she was able to provide extremely useful tips on daily meditation, finding gratitude, discovering deeper inner peace and being true to myself not only in my professional life, but also in my personal life.  In all of this she is very proficient in guiding and prompting you to discover and set goals on your own rather than trying to give you all of the answers herself.  She knows what questions to ask and when it is appropriate to provide her own professional experience and knowledge.  I highly recommend Coach Handan as a leadership and life coach.

Kasey Whitehead, Director of Program Planning, HGTV, Warner Bros. Discovery, United States

I had the pleasure of working with Coach Handan who guided me through a transformative journey of self-discovery and authenticity. Their coaching went beyond just surface-level advice; it delved deep into my core, helping me unearth my true needs and values.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Coach Handan’s coaching was their ability to create a safe and non-judgmental space. This allowed me to explore my thoughts and emotions freely, leading to profound insights about myself. Through thought-provoking questions and gentle guidance, they helped me uncover the barriers that were holding me back from being my authentic self

The coaching sessions were not just about introspection; they also focused on actionable steps to align my life with my newfound clarity. Coach Handan empowered me to set boundaries, prioritize my needs, and make choices that truly resonated with my values.

Thanks to her, I feel more confident, grounded, and empowered to live authentically. Their coaching has been a catalyst for positive change in my life, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance on their journey to self-discovery and authenticity.

Nagendra Prasad KS, Vice President Global Merchant Services Technologies, American Express

Handan was the coach that I am fortunate to have and in the last 6 months, working with her has changed my leadership persona and perspective. She is adept in tailoring the content needed and her insights are impactful. She is very quick to understand the leadership style of the person he is coaching and she makes sure that the peeling of the layers of onion happens contextual to the type of the leader the person is.

She brings in a lot of positivity and the vibe is infectious. This in itself makes people see the growth mind set and responsible mindset.


Leyla Zamanova, investigations manager at bp in Azerbaijan

I was privileged to have Handan as my coach for a 6-month period. During this time, Handan has made tremendous efforts to support me in my defining my strengths and areas for improvement, she coached me on effective delegation, voicing my needs and has played invaluable role in supporting my psychological wellbeing. Handan coached me various techniques to feel better, to understand what I need to do to achieve my goals, and to see different angles of a situation. I am grateful for the work and efforts Handan has put in place to help me be at my best and I will always remember the strength Handan has given me. Great coach and a very nice person I have ever met with. Thank you Handan for everything you have done for me.

R Joshua, Malaysia

It is with a sense of humble recognition and heartfelt sincerity that I take this opportunity to express my immense gratitude to Handan, my ‘courage’ coach. The transformative growth I have experienced, both in my professional and personal life, is a testament to her patience, insight, and constructive feedback during our coaching sessions.

Handan didn’t just instruct me; she supported me on a daunting journey of rediscovering my self-worth and value. Under her guidance, the fear and uncertainty that overshadowed my ability to communicate confidently began to slowly dissipate. The reaffirmation that not just my voice, but my thoughts and values matter has begun to empower me both at work and in my personal life.

Through Handan’s relentless support, I have found my voice again. I now communicate much clearly and confidently, without allowing intimidation to hold me back. Discovering that my words, ideas, and thoughts are now not only heard but also acknowledged and valued is a validation of the progress I’ve made under Handan’s guidance.

But indeed, the journey doesn’t end here. I still find myself on a learning curve, slowly exploring new words and phrases to express my thoughts more accurately. The ability to connect my emotions with the right words and articulate in a manner that resonates with others is an accomplishment I now recognize, an achievement that seemed far beyond my reach not too long ago.

In conclusion, it is with heartfelt sincerity and deep respect that I express my gratitude to Handan. Her guidance has enabled me to transition from struggling to find the right words to speaking confidently and effectively. These strides, though sometimes challenging, have been deeply enlightening. My journey with Handan has been inspiring, transformative, and I am humbly appreciative of the incredible learning experience.

Maged Mahmoud, BP, Netherlands

I have been working with Handan as my coach since February 2024. I chose her because I thought she could understand my culture and background better than others, as I come from a Middle Eastern background. She has a very supportive and flexible coaching style. She always starts our sessions by asking me if I need any urgent support or guidance on any situation that I am facing, especially with conflict management issues. She listens to me attentively and helps me find solutions that work for me. She also gives me constructive feedback and encourages me to reflect on my actions and behaviors.

With Handan’s coaching, I have made significant progress in achieving my goals. I have improved my communication skills, my confidence, and my self-awareness. I have also learned how to manage my emotions, deal with stress, and cope with challenges. I have a clear vision of what I want to accomplish in my personal and professional life, and Handan helps me stay on track and motivated.

I am very happy with Handan’s coaching and I want to continue working with her. She is a great coach who understands me, supports me, and challenges me. She has helped me grow as a person and as a leader. I appreciate her dedication and commitment to my success.

Vanessa Félix, Portugal

Every coaching session with Handan is a flight ticket to an unknown destination. You might be travelling to destinies that you already visited, places that you will love and have a blast or places where something doesn’t feel right or make you feel uncomfortable. Those places are You. With busy lives we often don’t travel to “Us”. But this is a travel you should take now if you want to connect your soul with your body, connect with others and with everything around you, and if you want to become the more authentic version of yourself (a favourite destiny).

This travel might look exhaustive to plan, but Handan will guide you through this with an unique lightness, real life examples and confidence. Coaching with Handan is being on a safe and non-judgemental place and during this solo travel You can certainly be You. I am glad that I had the opportunity to have her has my professional coach.

Safe travels everyone!


Emre Kozlu, Sales Director, Philip Morris, Turkey

Handan has been a wonderful companion in my self-exploration journey. Her soft and compassionate style, combined with genuine interest in your personal story ignites trust and collective creativity for development of alternative pathways towards your aspirations. She is full of life, energy and positivity, which becomes contagious along the journey. Her professional experience in roles where human touch is key, made her very relevant for me in my professional quest. While our official coaching journey has been successfully completed; we continue to stay in touch for sharing good stories in our professional and personal lives. I’d like to thank Handan for her valuable support in finding my best self.

Sarmin Begam , Senior Software Engineer , American Express , India 🇮🇳

I got a chance to connect with Handan as part of the Betterup program. She is passionate about her work and her mentorship is admirable. She understands the needs of students and customises the program accordingly. She helps the student to imbibe strong core  values and help them be effective and better communicators. I have personally improved over the course of the session and find myself in a better place than when I started course.I got a chance to connect with Handan as part of the Betterup program. She is passionate about her work and her mentorship is admirable. She understands the needs of students and customises the program accordingly. She helps the student to imbibe strong core  values and help them be effective and better communicators. I have personally improved over the course of the session and find myself in a better place than when I started course.

Joyce Tahan, Lebanon

In our first session, Handan asked me why I chose her as my coach and I answered with the typical reason of her expertise and extensive background in various coaching approaches.

That was true but not fully it

Today if you ask me the same, I would say that she is the one who chose me!

Her photo said a lot! Unlike all coaches who presented themselves in a typical manner, with prototype photo, a neutral background and a composed smile; Handan in her photo was genuinely and freely laughing with the head held high.

To me, revealing one’s true self to the world, represents the epitome of self-acceptance, confidence, and freedom. Inviting acceptance and openness to embrace opportunities and readiness to conquer challenges. This is the person I aspired to become!

When on a mission to enhance my leadership skills, with Handan I was able to discover and embody the best version of myself.

Emma, Artificial Intelligence, Food & Beverage industry

Working with Handan has been transformative. Her pragmatic, hands-on approach coupled with her keen ability to listen and provide spot-on advice has propelled me forward in my professional life. Her wealth of experience adds value to every session, making her an invaluable asset on my journey of growth and self-discovery.